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Hybrid Event Production

Over 125+ family offices

250+ Hedge Fund Managers

75+ Institutional Allocators

125+ Fund of Funds/Consultants

15+ Foundations and Endowments

8+ Public Pensions

Experiential Features

Hybrid Virtual or In Person Private Meetings
  • Registered Participants can book one on one private meetings
  • Manager Showcase and targeted email out reach features
  • 24/7 Technologically driven virtual, in person or hybrid event production

Smart Scheduling

Meet the Right Person Every Time
  • Smart calendar and due diligence “doc room” functionality provides for more precise scheduling
  • Private meeting manager search criteria combined with participant specific scheduling functionality provides for philosophically more precise meetings
  • Smart calendar fully integrated desktop & smart phone provides for ease of use email meeting coordination


Web and mobile


  • Smart Calendar appointment sync
  • Desktop/smart phone meeting confirmation
  • One time(limited) portal log in required
  • 24/7 Virtual or In Person Private Meeting Scheduler
  • CapIntro outreach
  • Manager Showcase


  • Strategy specific search criteria
  • Personalized scheduling customizations
  • App free Customizable notifications
  • Coordinated engagement
  • Full Manager zip file Doc Room
  • Instant Due Diligence Notes print capability
  • Hybridge – Virtual and In Person One On Ones


  • One click Registration
  • One click desktop/smart phone meeting acceptance
  • Two click Due Diligence Note saving
  • Two click print/file save functionality
  • Two click Search Criteria
  • Cloud based / Seamless / no crash system


  • Private Event Licensing
  • Community Specific Customizations
  • Event Production and Marketing Services
  • Logo/Banner Placement
  • Exhibition Tables
  • Key Note Speaking Opportunities
  • Service Sponsored Topical Programming
  • White Labeling

InvestorSpeedDating.com provides Virtual Meeting and In Person Smart Calendar curated meetings. Where Technology Intersects Intersects with Investment.